Media Creating a Violent Generation.

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A high-speed car chase through a desolate city, a car pulls over and two men get out to pickup a prostitute to get her money. They then beat her, only to return to the car to drive down a street where they do a drive by shooting with AK 47's. There is blood all over the street and bodies moaning in pain. This is only the first five minutes of grand theft auto. A game in which children of all ages play everyday, never realizing how damaging it can be to them mentally. Media has created violent programs that have helped create violent children.

Sixty years ago, the world was a more secure and comfortable place. People were protected by the government from things like losing their social values like, respect, caring, and dignity from violence and abuse. The government monitored what people read, especially in schools and what was on the radio, in theaters, and on TV.

There was very little violence in the media. For example, if there was a movie playing in the movie theater or on TV, the violence would take place off screen, there was hardly any shooting or killing, so kids never got to see real violence. Therefore, children considered violence bad and they grew up knowing that hurting other people is not an option. Nowadays, the government is a lot more lenient with censorship and has allowed the media to portray a lot of violence more avidly. If kids grew up seeing movies involving violence or even a six year old boy sit in front of the TV playing a game for four or five hours with a gun in his hand and killing people and feeling good about what he is doing influences the boy to go do that in the street...