Media essay assessing 'the sixth sence'and 'the sandlot kids'.

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In the opening sequence of a video narrative text production elements are used to engage the audience. These production elements establish a sense of time, place, genre, story elements and dramatic expectation. Movies of different genres use production elements to engage the viewer in different way, and to give them different expectations. For example the director of The Sixth Sense, a horror film will use production elements differently to the director of The Sandlot Kids, an action, adventure, comedy film.

In The Sixth Sense the character, Dr Malcolm Crow is established by many production elements. Dr. Crow's physical appearance gives the audience an idea of the type of person he is. Casting and costume are used to make his appearance pleasing. He wears neat formal clothing when he is first seen and continues to wear neat casual clothing throughout the opening sequence. He is played by a good looking sturdy man.

He looks healthy. Acting and script give the audience a further understanding of Dr. Crow's personality. When he is first met in the film he is drunk and happy after winning an award for being a valuable citizen. Dr. Crow is a child psychologist who has helped families understand their children better and helped children fell better about themselves. He is charming and happy. When he is confronted by an ex-patient who has broken into his home Dr. Crow is calm and tries to talk to the man. Camera and editing show the intence interactions between Dr. Crow and his patient, who is extremely distressed. The camera switches between close ups of the two men smoothly tilting. Dr. Crow attempts to use his charm and skills as a psychologist to clam the man. The audience perceives Dr. Crow as being a good guy and main character. The use...