The Media - What is it? Is it Good or Bad ?(with examples)

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Media are very integral part of our loves and therefore generate popular interests and debates about any social problem that leads to the influence of many cultures. Does television have too much sex and violence? Are the news media bias? The media can improve on our society and culture in various optimistic ways, to bring some good into the world rather than damaging the innocent perspectives from our people’s eyes.

A television is owned by more than 88% of people world-wide. The relevancy of classifications based on movies and television programs reflects the ignorance of the target audiences. For example, young adolescents and teenagers become careless towards certain classifications. The media could perhaps prevent the amount of violence, sex and coarse language. They could replace these with more educational programs and moralistic films, aimed at all ages! Religious groups may not be very pleased with this as it portrays negative influences on their children.

The media could also include television shows which promote the idea of differentiating many lifestyles.

The media at times can be very bias with their views, for example toward different cultures. It affects society and various cultures by demonstrating racism, as well as stereotyping. Us, as the public, deserve to know the truth and nothing but the truth. To improve on society and culture, the media should withhold much less information, and convey many different perspectives on any particular news item.

An example of the media being bias could be when they discriminated against the religious Muslim women wearing scarves. This in fact left the audience in shock, claiming the Muslim women as outcasts. The media can progress on this by being a less harsh about the topic. Certain news items like this should not have been broadcasted due to the fact of Australia being a multicultural society.

In conclusion, the media must develop on the information being collected and viewed to suite everyone’s society in a less injurious way to benefit various cultures, bringing peace to mankind.