Media:harmful to children

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Media: Harmful to Children

Media is a source of entertainment and information. Every person is related with it. We see

people reading newspaper in the Sky Train, watching you tube videos while walking on the road,

chatting with their friends while travelling and getting information about what is happening in

the world. So, media plays an important role in updating the knowledge of the people. There are

different types of media such as internet, television, newspaper, radio, video game and many

more which are the medium of communications among the people. However, these days people

are using excess of media and we know that excess of everything is harmful. The media affect

our lives a lot .The violence in video games, pornography cause aggressive behavior, fear,

physical and mental harm to the children.

Children often imitate what they have seen, read or hear and they are unable to

understand the difference between reality content and animated scenes.

Many children try to

copy the action of movies, shows and video games into their real life. In the book Violence in

the Media the author Clive Thompson in his article "Videogames Teach Children How to

Shoot Guns" states, "Fourteen-year-old Michael Carneal stole from his neighbor's house in

Paducah, Kentucky, on December 1,1997. Carneal took the gun to a high-school prayer meeting

and opened fire on the group. He fired eight shots and got eight hits on different kids. He killed

three and paralyzed one for life"(103). The author insists that Michael Carneal learn to use gun

and kill people while he was playing video games. The authors Guy porter and Vladan Starcevic

in the article "Are Violent Video Games are Harmful?" reports that "The 1993 game Doom

belonged to the first person shooter genre and was played by Eric Harris and Dylan...