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Marshall McLuhan stated that "[t]he 'content' of any medium is always another medium, the contents of writing is speech, the content of speech is the actual thoughts or itself nonverbal. The content of written word is print and the print is the content of the telegraph" (1964, 8). Today the theory of Marshall McLuhan still influences the mass communication technology especially in relation to the new media. The key point that he makes is not about the message each medium has produced, but about the actual medium itself. How does it shape the content and the structure of the older medium? It is the process that Bolter and Grusin called "remediation" which refers to the evolution or "refashioning" of the old media into the new (1998). It is controlling and shaping everyday aspects of human life.

Marshall McLuhan's suggestion was not referring to a simple purpose but it is referring to a more complex process where one medium itself is incorporated and represented in another medium.

Many media critics still refer to McLuhan's theory about how the presentation of one medium is "remediated" in another and they have argued that remediation is the defining characteristic of the new digital media (cited by Warner W: 2000, 7). The World Wide Web is an example of the new wave of digital media that has remediated some of the earlier media. The World Wide Web is the electronic medium which mainly contains texts, images, audio and video clips. It borrows and remediates many visual and verbal media such as television, radio, telegraph and film.

The Internet was invented in the 1960s by the military and became popular when it was introduced to the public in early 1990s. The Internet is seen as the first process using electric wires that cover the...