Media influence on Eating disorders

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A social issue that continues to cause concern for society is the problem of eating disorders. Eating disorders come in a variety of ways and they can have far reaching affects on the physical and mental well being of the sufferer. An Eating Disorder is defined as being any emotional disorder that manifests itself in an irrational craving for or avoidance of food. In North American there is widespread eating disorders that range from obesity to active starvation. This is particularly worrisome as teenagers are very susceptible to such disorders.

The three most common eating disorders that affect many teenagers are Obesity, Anoxeria Nervosa and Bulimia. North America is said to have an increasing obesity problem and it is one that is affecting younger and younger children. Children are grossly overweight and this obesity carries right through their lifetime. Obesity is the state of being grossly overweight. Obesity is caused by over eating the wrong foods.

It has been linked to eating saturated fats, sugars and refined flowers. Obese people tend to be nutritionally deficient as they gain their calories from empty foods that cause them to be fat and unhealthy. Likely the constant advertising to indulge in tasty snack food and pop or the great number of fast food outlets like McDonalds and other hamburger chains provide a 24 hour opportunity to fill up on fast food that is very high in calories and fat. Coupled with this intake of unhealthy food is usually a low level of energy so the obese person does not want to exercise. The problems with obesity are far reaching. Teenagers suffer rejection and are ostracized because they are too fat. They are alone and friendless and their self- image plummets. This can dog them all of their lives. And, obese people suffer physically...