Media Mobility

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The media is undergoing a transition period, a transition from traditional media to new media. I am referring to the convergence between television and the computer . The Internet is going broadband and television is going interactive. What is seen on and how the television is used are similar to how the desktop computer is used. The users are now able to use media by controlling the stream of information and they have the opportunity to interact with not only the media, but also with the provider of the content and with other users.

Technical achievements have resulted in sophisticated and affordable media production equipment available off the shelf. This means that the control of the media production is diverging and that sometimes less traditional content providers, enter the media industry. I am referring here especially to the increasing phenomenon of blogs and blogging. At the beginning blogs were used as means of self expressing, a way to share feelings and opinions.

But' nowadays all the major journalists have their own blogs where they publish independent researched articles and their own opinions on specific public matters, that in some cases may differ from the ones of the publications that employ them.

In Romania, the online news portals are the preferred news source by an ever increasing number of people. One of them is This site has 24 bloggers who post their articles periodically within the main page.

Powerful computers, broadband and computing increase the opportunities for these content providers to reach an audience, as well as create possibilities for people to select, change and interact. This type of media mobility translates into two major transition paths: the convergence of different types of technology such as the desktop computer and the television, or the desktop computer and the newspaper.