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In this media portfolio, I try to analyze the factors persuading people & players towards T20 cricket and the road ahead for test cricket.

We look at this in terms ofPlayers PerspectiveT20 as a product and its impact on marketPlayer's PerspectiveLet's take an economic standpoint of why modern cricketers like Gayle and many others are ready to give up test cricket for the latest in buzz T20 cricket. To understand better I take help of Production Possibility Frontier (PPF) plotted below.


The above graph shows a PPF for a player. To reduce to bare bones, we consider that a player only plays test and T20 matches. The graph simply denotes the maximum combination of matches a player can play for his earnings. Assuming no injuries, a player can play maximum of 25 matches if he decides to play only test matches or play 110 matches if he decides to play only T20's.

At point A, a player plays 20 test and 40 T20 matches. Any point on the PPF curve denotes efficiency in terms of the maximum combination he can play, but all point does not have the same benefits. The choice of how many matches of each format he plays is decided by his opportunity cost and comparative advantageIf we look at the opportunity cost for a game of test cricket, it comprises of time period (5 days) a player spends on pitch and the mental & physical stress. Compare that with the opportunity cost for playing a T20 match, we find that the opportunity cost is very less compared to that of test cricket and also the returns for a T20 game is very high. As players spend less time on the pitch; it allows them to dedicate more time in other activities such as brand endorsements.