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I have investigated Media perspective's of the family by viewing two contrasting television programs these being The Simpsons, and the Bold and the Beautiful.

Both television programs show contrasting perspectives of the family and have both portrayed the distinct roles of each member of the family using the medium of television.

The Bold and the Beautiful is an American day time soap opera that evolves mainly around one family, the Forresters. The main members of this family are Eric and Stephanie Forrester, who are the head of the family and have two sons, Ridge and Thorne. Eric Forrester also has another two children Rick and Bridget, with Brooke Logan, a woman who has a long history with the Forresters. After being married to Eric, she had a long term on and off relationship with Ridge, and is now involved with his brother Thorne. As you can see, this family has many complicated relationships, where Ridge is Bridget's half brother as well as ex stepfather.

Brooke was also Ridge and Thornes' ex stepmother as well as their ex-wife and lover.

The Forrester family is extremely wealthy, famous and powerful. They own a family corporate fashion designing company, which is shown to be extremely successful and well known. They're wealth is shown through many ways, their clothes, their homes, and their status in society. The Forresters are also frequently able to override the legal system by using expensive family lawyers who always seem to get them out of trouble with the law.

Within the Forrester family, different members represent different stereotypical roles. The "˜head' of the family would be Stephanie who seems to be the key person I keeping the family strong and untouchable. She will go to any lengths to protect her family, even if this means breaking...