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Essay by Katinacc June 2005

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The television show Star Trek usually was not my ideal choice for viewing. I always thought of the program as senseless and boring. Whenever I heard the music, I would automatically turn the channel. I thought that the characters were horrible and I thought that the plots were even worse. That is until I was showed a different way of looking at and understanding the program. I now view the program as a culturally diverse situation. I am currently more interested in the program than I was before, and although before I chose to view an episode on the satellite network as opposed to purchasing or even watching a full length movie, I am now considering owning a few episodes or a movie.

Although the program was based in outer space, I found that this program did a really good job addressing the diversity represented in the American landscape. In the beginning of the episode that I viewed Captain Kirk fought a really cheesy green alien.

This portion of the program kind of lost me for a minute that is until he returned to the spaceship. There on the Starship Enterprise was where it all happened. On the spaceship there were a variety of cultures aboard. There was an African American character, an Asian or Chinese character and Caucasian characters to name a few. What really caught me by surprise is the fact that they all played important roles. They even had women in leadership roles, which I thought was great. This demonstrated that even this gender could take charge, run a spaceship and lead a crew just as well as the other gender could.

The movie really did not rely on stereotypes because as I stated before everyone played an important part in running the spaceship. There was only...