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The article "Diversity in News Media Could Falter" is written by Edward Iwata is published in USA today. It clearly highlights how minorities have been affected by the media industry. Especially those who are journalists, lots of them have lost their job.

The article seems to support the analysis that chances in the since the past four decades of frantic efforts have always overlooked the racial and ethic equality in newspaper as well as broadcast newsrooms, thus the article appropriately pinpoints the fact that journalist of minorities groups are at times ignored.

The article is very accurate as it shows how there are a lot of minorities who want to become journalists and join news papers, networks and local stations. However the future for colored journalists seems to be quite bright. How ever it might take sometime for the idea to sink in, but now newspapers have training sessions for them.

The media industry is flourishing in America; this has given rise to a lot of diversity programs. News papers now usually hire diversity officers; employ advisor, instructors, and trainers. They even have started using diversity scorecards and they have started to send their managers to diversity conferences. The media industry has started to give more importance to diversity programs as they facilitate higher performance and better output.

The article highlighted some very interested statistics which made it clear that colored journalists in media are something quite common some of these statistics are given below:The percentage of minority journalists at TV stations rose to 24% in 2007 from 22% in 2006, according to the Radio Television News Directors Associaion/Hofstra University annual survey. Minority journalists in radio increased to 12%. The ranks of minority newspaper journalists this year are flat at 13.5% compared with 2007, the American Society of Newspaper...