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Oh What a Feeling as Toyota Australia Launches its 2 Millionth Vehicle!

1. Today, The launch of Toyota Australia's 2 millionth vehicle is an outstanding achievement.

2. Parliamentary Secretary for Trade, Mrs De-Anne Kelly attended a ceremony this morning at Toyota's Altona plant to mark the launch, where the company's successful Camry and Avalon models are manufactured. She congratulated Toyota on this achievement, and being Australia's number one selling automotive brand - this year holding an impressive 20.5 per cent share of the local market. Then she said, As Parliamentary Secretary for Trade, shen was pleased to note that Toyota is also Australia's largest exporter of cars, last year selling more than 66,000 Australian made vehicles in 24 different countries, and generating export revenue of $1.4 billion. Toyota is also one of the top 10 manufacturing exporters in the country. She commend it on its proactive approach to developing export markets, as highlighted by its recent decision to become an official partner of the Australian Government in our participation at the 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Japan.

3. Solid growth in automotive exports is in large part due to the hard work of the sector. It also reflects the Australian Government's sound management of the economy and implementation of automotive policies which have increased the competitiveness of the sector through tariff reductions, while maintaining important adjustment assistance.

4. The Australian Government is also working hard at multilateral, regional, and bilateral levels to maximise trade opportunities for Australian business into the future. The recently completed Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement and Thai-Australia Free Trade Agreement offer significant benefits for all Australian businesses, and represent major opportunities for the automotive industry, in particular, to expand its trading activities.

Matt Magin (Mrs Kelly's office)

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