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The following report was commissioned by the CBFC to analyse how the Canterbury Bulldogs Rugby League team is represented in the Australian media. Two texts were evaluated in depth and it was found that the team is mainly portrayed as guilty of a recent sexual assault claim against them in both texts. Recommendations were then offered as to how the team could improve their media and public image.


The following report was commissioned by the Canterbury Bulldogs Football Club (CBFC) to investigate how the team has recently been represented in the media.

The CBFC aims to ensure the Bulldogs NRL team receives positive publicity, attract new fans to the team, and to provide support, news and information to the players and their existing fans. It recognises the huge impact that rugby league has on a large percentage of the Australian population in today's society. Usually, rugby receives excellent media coverage within Australia, as it is so popular.

It is the responsibility of the CBFC to ensure that their team is not portrayed negatively within the media.

However, on February 22nd 2004 as many as 6 members of the Bulldogs team were accused of group sexual assault. Police have since declined to lay charges against the players but the National Rugby League has fined them for various relating issues affecting the game. Ever since this alleged event took place, the media has been creating new cultural assumptions about the team and portraying them in a negative way overall. The CBFC wishes to expand the representations of the team in the media to encourage the reader to make up their own mind about the teams innocence, without as much pressure from the media to convince them otherwise.

Hence, this report aims to investigate and analyse the media representations...