Media's Effect on Politics

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The print media has little significance in shaping public reaction to political events in this age of CNN and news ON-LINE. This is because of the audience, work, and time involved in each. That is, the number of people that each reaches, the amount of work involved to get the scoop, and the amount of time it takes each to broadcast the news.

The first reason, the amount of people that the news reaches, is probably the biggest factor. Television is watched by most of the population whereas, the amount of people that receive a newspaper, or other source of obtaining news information, such as NEWSWEEK, is considerably less. Also, television offers a variety of channels and programs, which means a more complete story, as opposed to a newspaper which might only offer one view.

Another reason that television is preferred to print is because of the amount of work involved.

The newspaper, or a magazine, is something that you have to go out and get, or even worse, wait for. News is not readily available, and waiting can be unpleasant if you are anxious for the inside scoop. Television, on the other hand, is available on a daily basis, and it can be turned on at any. Satellite owners have an even greater advantage, they can find global news and have a greater number of choices such as which news program to watch. Also, if a person is illiterate or a poor reader, it is quite obvious that they will choose television over a newspaper. Television is a much easier alternative than obtaining news through print.

A third and very important reason that print is the less effective method of obtaining information is time. It takes much longer than watching television or listening to the...