How the media's influence effects family abuse is seen.

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How the media influences the perspective of the general public by generalizing or under generalizing certain aspects of family abuse. Before discussing the thesis a clear understanding of family abuse is needed. Family abuse is abuse within or out of the home, and takes into account of not only physical abuse but also mental, verbal or exhibits violence as an act of intimidation; for example punching a wall.

Family abuse is not only between a man and a woman who may or may not be married. It also includes child abuse, parental abuse, husband abuse, same-sex couple abuse and senior/elder abuse. This essay will review wife abuse and speak to how for the most part many stereotypes still exist in the media and how the media continues to further patriarchal views. Next I will cover the lack of media coverage and how even when coverage is given it gets minimal effort on the topic.

Wife abuse can happen to woman in any class of society. The demographics of financial stability or higher education do not rule out abuse of occurring. An article in The Daily News on August 16, 2002 reported that Stone Cold's, Steve Austin was involved in a domestic violence dispute with his wife. Although the incident was reported in the article within a very small amount of space and contained limited amounts of information it speaks to how little attention the media is willing to give to this large social issue, even when the parties are famous.

The media has a central role within society and educating people on relevant issues. Unfortunately, it does create hype with just a few printed sentences. The headlines are, of course, geared to be inflammatory with the goal not necessarily to attract attention to an important issue but to sell...