Media's Influence on Society

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People never leave or even look outside the bubbles they create to meet their own immediate gratification. This is how we are taught to live by the media. We are hollow and empty beings who suck in everything from the media to try to create what we call a "life".

This quote, to me, perfectly identifies the society we have set up for ourselves. We have brought ourselves up to only want immediate gratification. All we know about life is what the media is; what we see on TV, in magazines and on the big screen is all we know. Therefore, media has become our lives, media is life. We are so caught up in what the media tells us to do, that we have no idea what we're missing out on. We are blind to ourselves and to those around us all due to our own ignorance. We strive to become rich and fulfill the shallow, trivial things in life, only because that's all we know as important.

Over time we have strived to improve ourselves from various eras where women were portrayed as property, or having to be restricted to assume only the role of a nurse, or teacher or secretary or a house wife. Men had to be the bread winners, and children had to be perfect. But today, in the 21st century, have North Americans actually changed; have we become any better than that we have so vehemently criticize; that we tried so hard to get out of? The answer, arguably is no. The media has stunted our progress in a new, harsher, way. Women no longer have to be the school teacher, and no one says men have to earn all the money. In place of the house wife, the media instead is almost...