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Certain Democratic principles help shape the American media system. Because of this, there is concern of the relationship of the mass media to government. As a result of the concerns, there are Democratic Expectations of Media Performances. These include surveillance of the sociopolitical environment, meaningful agenda-setting, platforms for advocacy by politicians and spokespersons of other causes and interest groups, dialogue across a diverse range of views, mechanism for holding officials accountable, incentives for citizens to learn, choose, and become involved in the political process. Also included is a principled resistance to efforts that try to subvert the interdependence, integrity, and ability of the media, and a sense of respect for the audience members. (Graber 26)

In order to conform to these Democratic Expectations, the media presents various multitudes of views during a political conflict or disagreement. This allows an open range of opinions for the free press. Having a free press ensures political accountability and draws in the outside crowd.

It isn't so intimidating to the "ordinary" citizens. Instead, it builds a bridge between those of the ordinary world to the political world. Free press offers the materials, but it gives the readers the opportunity to make a decision of their own on who exactly the " good guys " and " bad guys " are in politics. Free Press also brings developments from the outside world within reach of the average person in terms that are more understanding. (Graber 27-28)

Achieving the Democratic goals wasn't always easy. Different obstacles seemed to occur often. There was conflict among democratic values. There was also Division between the media elites and ordinary people. There was a lack of interest among audience members and there were constraints imposed by the political and social world. (Graber 26)

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