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Write about an effective piece of journalism that you have watched.

Television is a good median for changing feelings and emotions just from a simple news report. I looked a Michael Beurks memorable 6.00 report on the 23rd of October, 1984 for the bbc news. Millions of people sat and watched this report all over the UK.

His report was dedicated to the people of Ethiopia, he showed us their famine.

He opened in Korem, Ethiopia showing us the land and the Ethiopians. He used non-diagenic sounds and began to narrate. He told us the conditions and strains that the Ethiopians we're under.

To begin with he opened using a long shot of adults and children sitting in never ending rows. He describes it to e biblical situation. In this scene he uses images of crying children being held by their mums, 15,000 children were there by now in desperation, michael describes.

He cleverly plays the fact in our minds that every 20 minutes, a person or a child dies. Furthermore he adds that a third of the children are all malnourished. He says this over a diagenic sounds of children crying and shots of mothers fearing for their children lives.

He cuts then to show a group of small children running across a never ending path to see if a rumor of food is true, the camera focus's on the small group and follows them as they run along. At the same time as he describes the disgusting famine he changes the scene to the large shed where there are few doctors and supplies. He used a close up of a mothers face showing her tears of misery as her child had died shortly after filming. He used a medium long shot of the child lying...