Media: Is Television Good, or Bad for Our Children?

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I believe that television is a very valuable tool of education. Whereas "The Teletubies" are a pure work of Satan himself, there are many excellent television shows to watch. Such television shows include, "Sesame Street", "The Magic School Bus", and "Mr. Rogers". Other television shows include, "Bill Nye the Science Guy" and "The Reading Rainbow".

Take Sesame Street, for example. Sesame Street is a very generalized educational program that teaches young children shapes, sounds, colours, numbers, foods and much more. When growing up, I was subjected to watching Sesame Street before, and after, school. Thus, I was advanced beyond my young years in my classes. Learning some of the most important fundamental things (such as numbers, colours, shapes, sounds and the alphabet) before I entered kindergarten really gave me a leg up.

The Magic School Bus is a more scientific television show. Bill Nye the Science Guy is also more scientific in nation.

Both shows were very fundamental in my early science years of school. I could tell you every bone in my body and where it was located. I could tell you why blood was blue on the inside and red on the outside. I could tell you the different types of clouds, and what certain reactions water has on different substances before I was in the third grade. I was also well versed in the astronomical portions of science (namely, naming the planets and telling where each was). At this stage in my television watching life, I even knew that the Earth was not the center of the universe.

By the beginning of my third grade year, I could read and write at a seventh grade level, I could also write in script, and read it just the same. I could add, subtract,