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Essay by kaaanch December 2009

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The media is a forceful entity inherent in a culture and society that is both important and powerful. It displays this by playing a key role in the growth of a person's perspective on economic, political, and socio-cultural issues. This as a result helps to shape individuals' perspective of the world and define their lives through the understanding of media texts. (Newman, 2004). Thus, the focus of this essay will be on these aspects; how the theory of ideology and structuralism influence communication practices, and how media texts are interpreted in relation to how people come to think of their identity and subjectivity.

To make sense of the meaning of the world portrayed to the audience through the media, there needs to be an engagement in an active work of decoding or interpretation, rather than a passive process of purely receiving and consuming media messages. (Morley, 1992). As quoted from Alan McKee;" When we perform textual analysis on a text, we make an educated guess at some of the mostly likely interpretations that might be made of that text."

(McKee, 2001,pp.140). Textual analysis serves as a critical approach to ignite comprehension of media texts and to uncover possible interpretation of reality, thereby allowing the construction of various perspectives in how we view the world. This media textual analysis is based on Barack Obama: "Stay Calm" Solutions on the Economy Spoken in Westminister, 29th September, 2008. In his Speech Barack Obama urged calm as he called for a bi-partisan effort to pass a rescue bill for our nation's faltering economy.

In his address, Mr. Obama sought to guarantee foreign and Americans investors that he was looking for to fill any leadership vacuum, and said his economic advisers would start their work as early as possible. Mr. Obama showed his...