Media Trying To Take Over The World

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Media "" Trying to Take Over the World Close your eyes and imagine what your life would be like if you had no newspapers, magazines, TV, cable Connection and Internet in your life? Trust me, your life would have been a whole lot different compare to what it is now. Our world has witnessed several revolutions and all of them have been visibly noticed by humans and its impact had been greatly resisted. Did you ever notice how our lives have become dependent on media? Today if we don't get in touch with NTV, CNN, BBC or any other news channel or paper we think ourselves to have lost touch with the world.

It is no doubt that media is the need of today. Today's era is the era of Information Technology. This is the period when we are bound to stay abreast with all the latest changes that have been coming along around us.

This is the sole purpose that media is doing fairly well. It is the blessing of media that our world has simply shrunk into a global village. Today the speed with which technology is being transferred is spell binding. Media is also largely used by the politicians to promote their selves and they can always buy the media on easy terms. This is why media become first power among juridical, legislative, and administrative powers in the structure of modern society. For example, when the president of the country asks for and is given television time to address the nation; he is carried on all stations. On the other hand, when the opposing party is granted time to express their views, only one network station carries the program at a time, making it easy for the public to change the channel. Resources are being wasted on needless items and several economies are suffering for that. Media has also played a vital role in increasing frustration among the youth. For instance the attractive advertisements of cigarettes are highly responsible for tobacco consumption by young generation. Media is being sued more for entertainment purpose than for education and information. It is an effective medium but it is spreading unhealthy practices far more easily compare to promoting any positive practices. Today world has shifted into two complete dimensions. On side where we have powerful and rich giants like USA, Europe and Middle East on the other side we have several poor countries that are highly indebted. We say easily that we live in modern society where there is free flow of information and free media but we almost do not aware of what we are loosing in the modern society.

Since everything has its pros and cons. No matter how effective this medium is, its hazardous effects are far more than its benefits. It is the known fact that media has increased frustration among people. They see attraction in the things, which they cannot have. They look for better life styles but their limited funds do not allow them such luxuries. If media was so effective then it could have been used to make positive contributions in the world but the result is right in front of us. The world is deteriorating slowly; human values are being violated constantly and media is the sole reason for that.