Is Media Violence Harmful on Children?

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Is Media Violence Harmful to Children?

The media has a large influence on all people; this includes media violence. Media violence is particularly harmful to children. Media violence is one of the main factors of the aggression that goes on with children, even adolescents and adults (AAP, 2009). One of the reasons media violence is not healthy for children is because, at a young age, children's minds mature psychologically; when in their early stages, children are unable to process particular types of television contents well (Atherton, 2011). Second, when children become accustomed to seeing violence on television, electronic games, music lyrics, computer games, and comic books, they begin seeing it as something "normal" and grow numb to all the violence (AACAP, 2002). Morally, this is considered to be very vile regarding the fact that violence is dangerous and should not be a practiced in order to lead an ideal life.

Of course, this all depends on whether the effects of the exposure to media violence that have taken place or short-term (immediate) or long-term. To understand this concept, first we must understand why it is that media violence attracts children.

In their early years, children under the age of five, are influenced and attracted to vivid production features, such as rapid movement of characters, rapid changes of scenes, and unexpected sights and sound (L. Josephson, 1995). For instance, when they are watching cartoons, the reason as to why they pay attention to the cartoon violence is because of its vivid production features, not because its violence. However, once the children grow older and begin to mature a little, they will have developed the ability to have a better attention span and will actually be aware of the plot in the story; it will slowly start to make sense to them.