The medias affect on teens.

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The medias affect on teens

Teens are affected by the media in many ways. The media not only affects what kind of fashion sense teens have but it also affects there look at life. Many teens self body images are affected by the media which can lead to eating disorders and depression.Teens are give in more information about sex by the media then any other source.Also the media decides what goes on the market there for making it hard to know if what teens are buying is really there style.Every teen deals with the media one way or another but the fact is all teens have been affected.

When a teenage girl flips threw Any magazine and only see's skinny girls with perfect complexion they are going to think that is what pretty is. Chances are if the girl flipping through the magazine is slightly over weight with some blemishes she is going to think that she is not good enough.

The fact is over 62% of North American girls are either starving themselves,bing and purging. or on some sort of diet. Out of those 62%,15% have a very low self esteem which leads to depression and 33% are gaining weight with there unhealthy diets and 5% are either put into a mental help hospital or in a coffin. All because they do not fit the image on the picture perfect tv teen. Not only do girls struggle but teen boys do as well. They feel the pressure to have ripped abs,arms of steal and believe it or not perfect hair. A amazing 80% of North American teenage males either diet, work more the 20hrs trying to get hard abs,have eating disorders or take some sort of "Healthy toned body" pills. How often do you see overweight...