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The media and their expression The media needs to constantly evolve so that we get a steady flow of new and amazing ideas to keep things interesting. If everyone can agree on that, then why do we see so little true innovation in the media? Marshal McLuhan had a quote that said, "today we're beginning to realize that the media is not just mechanical gimmicks for creating worlds of illusion, but new languages with new and unique powers of expression." This is true although if a different or a more creative way of showing something in the media is found, people are still going to stick with the same basic formula they have always been using. The truth is, the media has the same goal as any industry in the world: to make money. If the media is not selling what ever they are putting out, they cannot make more of what ever they are selling.

Therefore, one thing that somebody in the media should do is put out some new and innovative material and not just the same "world of illusion"-type stuff that sells. However, if a media is on a tight budget, they are going to produce the kind of stuff that they know will earn back the investment they put into it.

The lack of permutation is a huge problem that the industry faces. People that are surrounded by the media need new types of ideas that will keep them interested. There are millions of people out there that could be buying the latest CDs or wearing the coolest clothes or watching the newest television shows but aren't because there is not any diversity available amongst any of it. How will the media truly grow for the people if it will not produce any new and ingenious...