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Allison Henderson is a Marine Biology Research Technician. The study of life in the ocean. Her work is a mix of field and lab work. She work with large brown algae commonly know as kelp. Right now she is trying to determine if it possible to hybridize different species. In the lab she deals with many different types of kelp species. She collects reproductive tissue of kelp. She first became interested in when she came to Bayfield Marine Station, she was hooked when everyone around her was interested in the same thing.

She has a B.S.C in agricultural Biology, and a lot of research experience. Allison say that to her experience is equally as important as academics. With her job she needs to be able to be inventive and organize her time well. She also needs to be able to keep records accurate . She uses a lot of computer skills.

She also needs good communication skills. She works 35 hours a week and she still attends classes to stay on top of everything that happens in this field so that adds about 10 more hours onto her work. But she says her work schedule is very flexible. Some high school classes that might be good to take are Biology, chemistry, physics, math. It also helps to volunteer a lot in any science field. Volunteering is a great way to get noticed and a great way to get experience. Volunteering also looks good on college applications. Allison said that to get the job she has her boss was very happy to know she had volunteered so much. Volunteering is also makes it easier for you to understand the field once you get into college because you already have some experience in the science career field. Also do lots of reading. You can even do a little biology in your backyard. Allison also says just check out things that your curious about in you natural environment.

She basically loves her job but it still doesn't pay as much as she would like. The salary is about 15,000 to 20,000. But she doesn't want to leave a job that she loves so much . She says just working outside and doing her work is good enough for her. The only thing that she would change about her job is that she would like to be in the field more. Marine Biology is important in society because people need to know what is happening in our natural environment.

She says that she wouldn't change anything to be where she is now. But Allison says that she might want to work in public education or agriculture. She also thinks about starting her own business. Overall Marine Biology in a great career for someone who likes to be in nature and explore the environment. Allison encourages all kids to look into being a marine biologist . She says she doesn't plan on leaving the field for a very long time .