Medical Experiments Of WWII

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Imagine your best friend being tortured and used as real-life guinea pigs. Simply because they are "different" from everyone else. This was not just started in the Concentration Camps just because they thought they may as well use these "unneeded" humans and not let them go to "waste". Experiments were used by Hitler and Nazi followers in search of the Aryan race. The people performing these experiments thrived on concentration camps as their source of bodies.

Among the experiments were such ghastly procedures like high altitude testing, sun lamps, internal irrigation, hot baths, freezing/hypothermia, and surgery experimentation. High altitude testing was just as it sounds, testing the limits of a human's toleration to altitude. Sun lamps were just used as pure torture. One young homosexual victim was cooled to unconcious repeatedly then revived with sun lamps until he was emitting large amounts of sweat. After several sessions, the patient died.

Internal irrigation was when a victim was frozen and had water heated to a scalding temperature forcefully irrigated into the stomach, intestines, and bladder. The treatment killed all of it's victims. The hot bath was when a victim was placed in a tub of warm water while the temperature was slowly increased. This method was called the "best". It caused the victim to go into shock if they were warmed to quickly, which lead to death. Sometimes a victim would be frozen to death, hence the name "Freezing". Some would be killed similarly, but by the means of hypothermia. For the benefit of the German Armed Forces, surgery experiments were performed. Such transplants as bone, muscle, and nerve regeneration took place. The Armed Forces also used mustard gas for experiments. They went to concentration camps and gathered up wounded subjects. Wounds were infected with "Lost" or mustard gas. Some of the subjects died as a result. 8 people were charged with the special responsibility for experiments pertaining to the surgery and mustard gas experiments. Even more peculiar then the other experiments, were that of Dr. Josef Mengele. Famous for his experiments on twins, he was known as the "Angel Of Death".

Mengele would be at every selection when trains arrived at Auschwitz. He performed some examinations that would take days. Twins, dwarfs, and unique physical specimines were selected to be assigned to experimental tests. Some say the gas chambers were a much better fate then the survivors.

Many people think that experimentation on prisioners stopped after the war. It was very common after the war to see such a likeness. By 1969, fully 85% of new drugs were tested on inmates in 42 prisons. One Philadelphia prison administered Dioxine.

Inmates were subjected to 7500 micrograms of the toxic chemical, 468 times the amount recommended by the distributor.

In conclusion, you should think twice before saying anything about gas chambers being the most dreadful of fates in concentration camps. Sometimes the prisoners were better off that way.