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Natalie Newbern


For many years medicinal marijuana has been a topic of controversy in the United States. About fifty percent of Americans disagree with the legalization of medicinal marijuana only because they do not know the facts and benefits of it. If I were asked to write a book I would make it my mission to inform Americans about the medical benefits of marijuana. Since 1977 Americans have supported the use of medicinal marijuana in the US. Support has increased among both men and women, but there remains a gender gap. Most men (57 percent) think marijuana use should be made legal, while fewer women (46 percent) think so (CBS News poll). Although some Americans still show skepticism about medical marijuana, about eighty seven percent of them think that doctors should be able to prescribe medical marijuana in small doses. About seventy seven percent of those who agree with the legalization of medical marijuana say that they think doctors should be able to prescribe it in small doses, but it should not be available for recreational use.

Medicinal Marijuana has been used to treat various diseases over the past few years. Disorders like Anxiety, Alzheimer's disease, Chemotherapy, Cerebral Palsy and many more have been treated with medical marijuana. The use of medical cannabis during for a treatment of these illnesses has been shown to decrease the side effects but not cure the disease itself. This concept of treating major illnesses would be the main part of my book. I think that it would be especially important for my readers to know about all the positive effects of medical marijuana. Most commonly in the United States doctors prescribe marijuana to those going through Chemotherapy. One side of effect of Chemotherapy is nausea, which is cured by marijuana. Patients who...