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The Marshfield clinic is a physician-owned multi-specialty clinic that is located in Dubai. Under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Maya Sidani, the Marshfield clinic has grown from a small clinic of seven doctors to a bustling clinic with 30 professionals serving hundreds and thousands of patients, increasing by about 10% each year. Because of this steep growth and cutthroat competition in the health industry market, management has decided to automate its appointments and record keeping system. Before a manual paper-based system was used. This resulted in duplication of data, loss of files, slow response to appointment requests and patient queries and excessive strain on the staff. Management has decided on creating a web-based system to enable better handling of appointments and medical record and to strengthen the doctor-patient bond. This would translate into more patients, less staff, less stationary and higher turnover.

The proposed system should be able to handle appointments, medical records and payments online.

It would also build public awareness by giving general information about the clinic as well as recent medical news and articles. It would also have guest books, forums and Q&A section so that visitors are actively part of the content of the site. It would also give a listing of drugs and their prices available in the pharmacy, but patients will be unable to purchase it online. Other features such as chat rooms, e-mail alerts etc. will not be available initially but will be added on later on.

There are two possible solutions to make this web site.

First, we can buy hosting services from a company and make the web site according to the space offered by this hosting company. The functionalities of this site would include letting the patient mail their doctor and checking price listing of the...