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Of course, problems arise in their department just like any other. Aside from her complaints such as " The M.A.s never know where anything 's at" or "They always insist that I never gave it them and I did." She also stated that any number of complications can effect where the chart may be. The best case scenario she described is the requested chart is found filed in the proper place alphabetically. The worst case mentioned by her is "the most common and frustrating". This being the diabetic cancer pt, who has a Dr.'s appt today, saw a P.A. yesterday, (who hasn't gotten the charts back from sign off), just called three different providers half an hour ago. As well, they are on a myriad of drugs, always needs a refill, always has a referral pending and wants their lab results. "These are the pts we have a special place in records for.

It's called the frequent flyer section" she stated. "Ironically they are pulled so much they are almost never there." When asked what would she change about records she replied filing. She described it as "very dull and boring". "You are constantly filing every day for at least an hour. Sorting over and over again, then trying to concentrate enough to place it in the right spot. It gets to be mentally tiring and is not for the easily detracted. Her dream was "that all the charts grew arms and legs and had the ability to file themselves right." As a pt at her place of work, she felt that it was important to have a records department for the same reasons that any other pt would have. The day will come when she will need pertinent information from her chart, and takes comfort in knowing that...