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For medical school, your admissions essay must convey your most significant research, leadership, service, and life experiences. You must convincingly present evidence of your intellectual and personal credentials while demonstrating your integrity, common sense, personal stability, humanitarian concerns, and ability to inspire confidence in colleagues.

This may seem like a lot to do in a single essay, but the admissions committee can only detect your personal qualities through interviews and your essay. Many candidates will have strong MCAT scores, stellar research experience, and high GPAs, yet with strikingly low medical school acceptance rates, many of these candidates will be rejected. You simply must capitalize on your opportunity to convince the admissions officers of your passion for medicine.

Without nailing the essay, no matter how high your MCAT score is or how high your college GPA is, you will never be admitted to a top medical school. You must demonstrate the personal characteristics necessary to meet the demanding requirements of the school's curriculum and to become an effective practitioner of medicine.

Many applicants will have the intellect, as demonstrated by GPAs and test scores, to complete a medical school education, but only a few applicants will demonstrate the empathy, sensitivity, commitment, and enthusiasm that are so critical to a fulfilling career in medicine. You can only communicate these qualities through your essays.

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