Medication Management on the Rise

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Billie J. Minton, Pharm.D. has been practicing pharmacy for over a decade. Throughout her career of dispensing medication and counseling patients, she has discovered how uninformed the public can be councerning their medicine and disease states. Realizing the importance and value of medication and disease state education prompted her to open her new company called Medication Management Center (MMC). Dr. Minton provides privately scheduled one on one consultation to help educate patients. When Dr. Minton opened MMC in Kingsport, Tennessee last year, it was to get to the heart of patients' problems. There are no medications to dispense at her site, only knowldedge and counseling. The following are main objectives for MMC and include: polypharmacy intervention, disease management, and new legislation.

Polypharmacy intervention is one of Dr. Minton's specialties. This patient intervention process includes detailed patient history files, which contain current medications, monitors drug-drug interactions and decreases unnecessary hospital or doctor visits.

This intervention also prevents drug overlaps, states patient specific recommendations for selecting appropriate over the counter medications, provides detailed instructions on how to use each medication the patient is taking, ensures understanding of directions and communicates professionally with each patient's doctor, nurse, pharmacist and any other health care worker involved in order to provide accurate and otpimum health.