Medici Notes and Reflection

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Medici NotesVocab:Simony: practice of buying and selling church positions and titles (priest, bishop, etc…). It was common this era.

Nepotism: giving promotions, basic employment, higher earnings, and other benefits to employees who are relatives of management. Pope Leo made Giulio archbishop by nepotism.

Exile:be away from one's home (i.e. city, state or country) while either being explicitly refused permission to return and/or being threatened by prison or death upon return. Giulio and Giuliano were exiled from Florence.

Fresco: a painting technique in which pigments are applied to a surface of wet plaster. Michelangelo used it to paint ceiling of chapel.

Notes:Giulio de'Medici: Giuliano's son. Cousin (close as brother) to Giovanni de'Medici-wanted to take over papacy together. Made cardinal->archbishop by Leo, ex. of nepotism. Along w/Leo, tortured and exiled Machiavelli, whom wrote "The Prince" and dedicated it to the Medicis- did not accept as apology.

Giulio Became Pope Clement 7 after Leo died, right before the Lutheran's Riot in Rome.

Clement became scared, so fled out of secret tunnel in Vatican to the Castle San Angelo. 7 months later,he bribed his way out, and, dressed as a commoner, left castle in return to Florence. But, Florentines were tired of war, so they made Clement a deal. If he brought an army, they would give Catherine (Clement's 11 yr. old niece) to the opposing Lutheran army.

Giovanni de'Medici: Lorenzo's son. Along w/Giulio, exiled from Florence, until they got a protective army from Pope Julius, and returned to Florece in 1512: invaded Tuscany to get to Florence (where Niccolo Machiaveli had armoured citizens prepared), called the Massacre of Prado- Medici won, Florence surrendered.

Pope Julius died, Giovanni elected pope Leo X. 1st Florentine pope. Represented Golden Age AND richness by painting a little boy gold (he later died from the ink).