Medicinal Marijuana

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Multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, cachexia, and spinal cord injuries are all conditions

whose symptoms are proven to be positively effected by marijuana or the most potent

drug in marijuana, tetrahydro cannabinol (THC). With the proper implementation of

marijuana into the pharmacutical world as an effective medicine, patients suffering from all

of these conditions and more could greatly benefit from the drug. By introducing

marijuana to qualified patients with strict rules, regulations, and guidelines, it could have a

revolutionary effect on the healthcare of many.

Patients who wish to seek the aid of marijuana must first go through a strict

qualification process to ensure safe beneficial results. First numerous tests must be placed

on the patient to determine if the the severity of their condition calls for the possible aid of

marijuana. Next, before prescribing the drug, doctors must be able to prove that the

patients condition would improve as a result of the drug.

Also, certain age requirements

and other requirements such as a criminal background check must be met to ensure

complete safety.

Other regulations would be set according to the patient on a case by case basis.

Decisions such as doses, potency, and time of use will be determined by the doctor.

Driving and operation of motor vehicles, selling or distributing the drug, or using the drug

in disregard of the prescription or in any othe unsafe manner will result in a cancellation of

the patients prescription and they will be punished by law.

Patients who suffer from multiple scleroses and spinal cord injuries have benenfited

from marijuana's antispacity, analgesic, and antitremor effects. It has been shown to

greatly reduce the symptoms of M.S and spinal injuries on the nervous system and motor

skills. Marijuana has also been shown to have and anticonvulsant...