Medicinal Marijuana

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There are more than 60 U.S. and international health organizations that support giving patients authorized admission to medicinal marijuana, under a doctor's supervision (NORML, n.d.). If a patient is able to find a doctor willing to prescribe medical marijuana, they would have to sign a legal document stating they will only use the Government Issue cannabis, which doesn't meet a lot of standards. It only has ten percent THC, properly known as tetrahydrocannabinol, when most people are used to using "street marijuana" which contains approximately fifteen to eighteen percent THC (NORML, n.d.). Organizations such as The American Cancer Society and The American Medical Association support the idea that research clinics should have more access to cannabis for enhanced medical potential (NORML, n.d.).

Besides medical uses, there are also many uses in the industrial world. Marijuana has the potential to be manufactured into more than twenty-five thousand different kinds of goods (NORML, n.d.).

It could be used as our biggest cash crop if it were to be legal. It would be worth a fortune, of approximately five billion dollars per year. The products it can produce are textiles, paper, paints, clothing, plastics, cosmetics, food products, insulation, animal feed, oils, ropes, and many others (NORML, n.d.). This narcotic could also be taxed. These are just very few things that can come from the drug of marijuana. Farmers can get a license to grow cannabis only from the DEA, Drug Enforcement Administration, but they have continued to reject authorization for major hemp, or marijuana, farming (NORML, n.d.). All kinds of money can be found in cannabis, but it seems that the government would rather spend money, and prevent themselves from making money.

A big issue in this country today is the personal use of marijuana. It is the third most popular drug...