Medicinal Marijuana essay, and sample expiriment using three groups.

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Medicinal Marijuana

The medicine I chose to prove as a testable scientific practice was medicinal marijuana. Medicinal marijuana consists of a green, sticky, red, and sometimes purple plant. The THC (Tetra-hydrtic-chloride) glands shine and twinkle under the light. Depending on many variables during the growing stages the final product can be immensely different. Most of the medicinal marijuana grown in the United States is done indoors or a warmer climate such as Southern California.

Many doctors believe that smoking Cannabis can cure many illnesses. Illnesses ranging from depression, arthritis, strained aching muscles, pain and mental relief from suffering cancer patients, glaucoma, and the list goes on and on. There are more uses that the doctors come up with everyday. The specific case I chose to do my study based around is glaucoma.

Most all of pro-medicinal marijuana doctors boast that marijuana used as a medicine can help cure both vision and health in glaucoma sufferers.

There have been many studies done trying to prove this right, and also many trying to prove it wrong. As of today medicinal marijuana can be prescribed by doctors in a very few states. A lot of doctors are for the idea, in the states that it is legal. However, recently in the United States the government is not all for the legalization of medicinal marijuana. The DEA raided many of the grow operations in Southern California recently. This was not a good step in progress for advicates for medicinal marijuana.

Values in personal lives split the topic right in half most of the time. As more people see it working in everyday lives around them they are more open to the idea. That's why doctors from both views of the spectrum should work together. Come up with a real conclusion with no biases.