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I – “What I Know”When I started this project on Medieval/Elizabethan witches and supernatural I knew: some religions believed that the supernatural lived in the woods. The English also thought that spirits liked to play tricks on people at night. Shakespeare wrote many plays about them which made them more known and talked about. Witches were always executed, no matter how important you were. Witches wore raggedy clothing and were very ugly with moles, yellow teeth, long unclean finger nails, and had many warts. Being accused of a witch was taken very seriously.

II- “What I Want to Find Out”I want to know as much as possible. What got people to believe in witches? Who conducted witch hunts? If they had ever any paranormal experiences what were they? Did they have anything to ward of witches? Did they have anything to ward of ghosts? What was the churches involvement in this? Were there any infamous witches? What made them so infamous? What was a witch’s attire? Did witches have any other names?III- “What I Discovered”During the Elizabethan and Medieval period many revered the supernatural and witches.

The super natural and witches were the scapegoats of that time. Many believed that witches were females and males. The people of England called them “enchanters,” “weird sisters,” “sorceress,” and “magicians.” (Hill, 8)The supernatural and witches were associated with the devil. Many thought that witches were able to witches were believed to also possess the power of flight. Allegedly, witches loved to feast on human flesh and babies were a delicacy to them. If you were accused of being a witch, sometimes you would be put on a “witch scale” and weighed against two very heavy and huge volumes of the Plymouth Bible. The English carried around talismans to ward of witches and bad...