Medieval Knights: Origination of knights, daily life and power knights had in society.

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Question: Its a short 5 paragraph essay. My teacher wanted for me to point out 3 main things; Origination of knights, daily life and power knights had in society.

When people think of the middle ages one of the first things that come to mind is a knight. They were a very important part of the European society at that period of time. However there is more to a knight than many people know. They weren’t just born in their shining armor and on their noble steed. Knights had to earn their right to wear the armor and earn the respect of the lower citizens.

Knights originated in the early ages. When the Roman empire fell many European nations were struggling to survive. They would constantly be in danger of being invade by neighbors, Magyars, and Vikings. To fight back these invaders the small societies would order many common men such as peasants and farmers to fight.

These men would usually be able to hold their ground against their enemies but when the invaders would bring mounted soldiers the common soldiers weren’t able to cope. To be able to fight against this new type of enemy European armies would have to create calvaries of their own. However with an army of ordinary people this wouldn’t be possible because an ordinary person had to feed their family and tend to their work. They would not have enough time or money to tend to a horse and train it or even buy one at all. So the European armies had to have a professional soldier to take up this military position. Knighthood was born by the tradition called commendation. This is where a soldier would serve a high ranking officer and in return would receive large parcels of land. The best of...