Medieval Shield

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Medieval Shield

There are many different types of shields that date back to the medieval times. A shield is amour

carried on the arm to intercept blows from the weapons of enemies. They can also be used as a

protective covering and structure. They were originally made of wood or animal hide. As the

middle age's progressed metal became the preferred material. There are many different shapes of

shields that evolved throughout history. Each shield is created different and personally


The Crusaders use shields are kite-shaped. They were rounded at the top and tapered at

the bottom. The first line of defense for a crusader is the shield. A crusader shield usually had the

symbol and designs of a specific group of nights. Each group of crusaders had some form of a

cross on their shields. The name crusade given to the holy wars is an old French word crois

which means cross.

Kite shield was introduced by the Normans in the middle ages. They evolved

from the circular shaped shields offering more coverage of the body especially the foreleg.

There were three main functions of the kite shield. The primary function was to defend

soldiers against swords and projectiles. The second function was recognition to help in confusion

of battle and recognize friend or foe, The third function was for attack as they were also used to

hit enemy. The sharp sides of a shield could easily kill an enemy with one hit.

There were two main military orders in the twelve century. The Knights Hospitaller and

the Knights of the Templers. The Knights Templers were one of the most powerful of the

Western Christians Military order. The Knights Templers protected the pilgrims in the holy land

in during crusades. .They existed for nearly two centuries during...