Medieval Times

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In the early part of medieval times, religion was the foundation of people's lives. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Western Europe did not have any unifying government. The Catholic Church was the remaining unifying institution. Even though there were three main religions at the time, Judiasm, Islam, and Christianity, to be accepted into mainstream society you had to follow Christianity. Throughout the Middle Ages, the majority of Western Europeans were Catholic. During this time, the only knowledge taught was from the bible. Most people only lived their life so they could die and go to heaven. Until around 1200 A.D., Christianity was ruling people's lives. It was all the people cared about.

Religion was so important that groups of people led by religious figures went on crusades. The crusades were battles fought against people who were not Christians in the hope of converting them to Christianity. Knights fought these battles.

        Because religion played such a big role in the lives of medieval people, high status in the church meant high nobility. The noble bishops of the time decided that education should be all about Christianity. This had a big impact on people's daily life. Because medieval people were only educated in religion, the progress of this medieval society slowed down. The medieval people began to lose their skills and religion started to take over. Most citizens were ready to die for the church. Therefore, the church became the center of the medieval world.

        As a natural consequence of this, the church took on more roles. It was also considered a place for education as well as a hospice. People from all over came to worship, receive healing medicines and to continue to be educated in the teachings of God. The bishops decided large cathedrals should be built to...