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Meditation Reflection Paper The last two weeks I meditated on two different books based on three different chapters, which were Psalms 1, 19 and also 2 Timothy 3:1-4:8. These verses didn't only challenge me but also encouraged, directed, and helped me out, especially during these two weeks that have gone by. I will share about each chapter and what I learned from it when it spoke to my heart.

I will start out with Psalms 1, which speaks about life's two roads. The life of the faithful person is contrasted with life of the faithless person. The first verse helped me give praise to my Lord for keeping His promise that He had made me five years ago of bring me faithful and Godly friends that would help me built up my faith rather than tear it down. The next verse talked about meditating on God's Word day and night and that's something that the Lord has been working with me for the pass year and I'm grateful for His faithfulness.

I been struggling with something and I been seeking his face everyday now and the only one that could give me the answer is God and that's through His Word. This specific verse ministered to me and reminded me that there is a need to meditate on his Word daily. In verse three it talks about a tree planted by streams of water, which bear fruit in season, that's what my desire is and my challenge. I want to be like that tree that soaks up God's Word, which would produce actions and attitudes that honor my Lord. The rest of the verses challenged me not to fall back into not striving to seek God's Face in everything and in anything I do.

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