This is a medley of 3 poems about some different things there is some about nature and some about god and other things.

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The wind

I blow around all day long I am the wind I have been around for o so long

I pass by the snow that says How do you do

I blow over the desert and make sand dunes

I've blown in between trees and knocked them over is they are mean to me

I've knocked down cities but the flowers say kind things to me

One time I was talking to a pyramid and I broke the nose off a phynx

I have been many places and have seen many things but the thing I like the most is the ocean

He is so old and wise he controls the tide

He knows old sailors and brand knew speed boats

I am the wind and I go everywhere

Mr. Tree

Hi my name is Mr. Tree I have bark cant you see,

people laugh when they see me

Hi my name is mrs.

Rain I wash out every little stain

Brr it is freezing cold now Mrs. Rain turns into Mrs. Snow

Now Mr. Tree loses all of his baby leaves as they cry to daddy tree

Mrs. Rain goes into Mr. Ocean and they have a party until morning

Mr. Sun is always fun he laughs and plays and has joyful fun

Mr. Sun says hi to Mrs. Moon but they never see each other for long

Mrs. Moon has lots of fun because she controls Mr. Ocean

all of then tie in with each other and always have fun with each other

All the time

When I am in bed and cannot sleep

I think of God and his love for me

All the time

I think of him

his awsome power and love for men

Jesus Christ died on the cross for me

All the time

I worship him

He came to earth as a man

on the cross e took our sin

All the time

he is in my heart

And in my heart he'll always stay