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Have you ever seen a computer in a store and said, "Whoa! What a chick!"

? I am sure you would have, if you were familiar with the new 16xCD-ROM

and extra wide SCSI-2 9.0 GB hard drive it features, or if you knew about

the dual 225 MHz Pentium pro MMX chips blazing up its performance. To

tell you all about computers, it takes a total computer nut like me. After

working with computers almost all my life, I can tell you that a computer

is an electrical device, without which a guy like me probably cannot

survive. If you have no idea of what I am beeping about, read on. Experts,

I report no error in reading further.

Computers are very productive tools in our everyday lives. To

maximize the utility of a computer, what you need to do is get going with

the program. To do that, the minimum system requirements are a C.P.U.

or the central processing unit, a keyboard, a monitor, a mouse, and if you

want, a printer and a CD - ROM drive. The C.P.U. is that part of a

computer that faithfully does what his master tells him to do, with the

help of input devices like a keyboard or a mouse. After all this so called

sophisticated, next generation equipment, you need some sort of software.

Software is a set of instructions to the C.P.U. from a source such as a

floppy disk, a hard drive or a CD - ROM drive, in zillions of 1's and 0's.

Each of these tiny little instructions makes up a bit. Then they assemble

to form a byte. Bytes make up a program, which you run to use the

computer's various applications.

Now that you know more about computers than Einstein did,