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Political Science A reaction to NBC's "Meet the Press"; air date April 1, 2001.

I am writing a reaction paper in regards to the televised broadcast of "Meet the press", which aired on April 1, 2001. In this episode Mr. Russert has began to discuss the "Spy plane standoff" in is early developments. By now most thought it would be resolved, but it is only escalating, with our 24 crewmen still held "detained" and our plane being ravaged.

The events of this "incident" appear to be, in my opinion, too strange to bee called an accident. The manner of the collision by the Chinese fighter jets and the American Spy plane seemed strikingly unnatural. The efficiency by which the Chines armed guards forced the crew of off the plane and began to literally take it apart. Its shocking to me that the American Intelligence still acts like they are not quite sure if the Chinese have entered the plane.

From the images I have observed it seems very possible that the plane was what I would call ambushed by the two fighter jets. I also find it alarming, the manner by which the Chinese reacted when the plane finally landed after giving off international distrace signals for a period of twenty minutes. The demand by the Chinese for an apology, before America have even the opportunity to inspect the plane, seems just as a means of stolling U.S. actions. It is know Wednesday and the White House said that the "United States won't apologize for the collision between a U.S. Navy spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet. The United States says the Chinese jet was at fault, and President Bush has warned that ties with Beijing could suffer unless it quickly releases the plane and its 24 crew members."(msnbc) I truly feel that China is one off, if not the only country that America should fear going to war with. And if this does not cool off pretty soon, I am moving to Canada.