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Planning Commissions Meeting The meeting I attended was to discuss the issue about adding additional housing subdivisions west of Greeley. The concerns that were viewed about the proposal for the new subdivisions included items like unpaved roads in the area, electric and water outlets to the area, and a chance of having commercial property in the area.

The subject of the meeting, if passed, could have a huge impact on the environment. The first major concern that I see would be the demolition of living organisms with the vast destruction of the ground soil and plants. Also the amount of energy will greatly increase in order to power all the new homes and building that would be built. Also the distance from most of the major places in Greeley such as shopping centers and restaurants will increase automobile travel and pollute the air.

From attending this meeting I realized how much the state of Colorado and particularly the Front Range is growing in terms of population.

It is sad to me to think that one day the entire area surrounding Greeley, Loveland and Ft. Collins may become one huge city before people realize it if new subdivisions and commercial areas are being built like the one proposed at this meeting.