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As the book, Are You In the House Alone began in the introduction, it seemed that it would be very suspenseful. But as I read into the first chapter, it seemed boring. I really like how in the introduction, the book tells you about Gail (the main character) and her boyfriend, Steve and how they felt they were alone at Steve's cottage when they went up to get away from everyone in town, but really they weren't. After I read that, I anticipated a good story. The book started off kind of slow; though, but because of the introduction, I decided to keep reading. The introduction really keeps you waiting.

I wonder who the Lauvers are, they have been mentioned numerous times, but Gail hasn't taken the time to explain who they are. The Lauvers are a wealthy family that has lived in the small town for many generations.

They're a large part of the towns' culture. They have lived in the same house for many years, and it is passed down to each Lauver child. Apparently, there are many families like this in the small town they live in. Did Gail and her best friend, Allison know each other when they both lived in New York City before they moved to New England? It never really said if they did or did not, but I'm assuming that they didn't, because Gail talks about how their friendship began after they had both moved to New York. I can tell that Allison's family is going to be like the Lauvers' in a few generations, because of their money. They are already starting to fit in, while the rest of the residents who have moved from the big cities don't fit in at all with the root families of this town.