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Persuasive Essay

A common debate between people living in Melbourne and Sydney is one that asks which is the better city to live in: Is it Melbourne, or are Sydneysiders correct in thinking that the best place to live is their home town? However, this debate is unnecessary, as the answer has been proven by a survey performed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, placing Melbourne as the world's top city to live in, ahead of Sydney, which was sixth on the list.

Of the criteria in the survey, a category where Melbourne significantly scored higher than Sydney was the climate. Melbourne's weather may be unpredictable at times, but the city does not experience the amount of humidity that Sydney does. Yearly, Sydney's average humidity is 76%, which is extremely high compared to Melbourne's average of 55%. Sydney also has a higher average rainfall than Melbourne. The annual average rainfall for Melbourne is six-hundred and fifty-five millimetres, which is just over half of Sydney's annual average, which currently sits at one thousand two-hundred and fourteen millimetres.

Surprisingly, both cities average about one-hundred and forty-five wet days a year. This means that when it rains in Sydney, it rains a lot harder than in Melbourne, making a rainy day in Melbourne much more enjoyable than a rainy day in Sydney.

A rainy day could be spent shopping in Melbourne, which has been proven to be the shopping capital of Australia, due to the availability and affordability of many top fashion labels and exquisite restaurants. Melbourne is home to Chadstone Shopping Centre, the "fashion capital", which houses many labels including Alannah Hill, of which many items can be purchased for a cheaper price in Melbourne than in Sydney. In Melbourne you are more likely to receive value for money, and even business...