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Girl in Mirror by Melissa Zexter Moving through the art gallery and looking at all the different works I was very dumbfounded on which one I was going to pick. I took multiple walks around until I came across this one work that I was amazed by. The time and effort that must of went into it. It was a work called "Girl in Mirror" by Melissa Zexter.

The media it was created on was a thick material. I think it may have well been canvas but I could not be too sure because it was enclosed inside a frame and glass. It had to be thick thought to be able to handle the amount of work that she put into it. It has appeared that she has sewed small intricate triangles throughout the work that were amazingly accurate in compared to size. Between each little triangle that could have been no bigger then ¾ of an inch were bits of a puzzle to the overall masterwork.

I could be wrong, but I think that it appears that each triangle had to be painted individually and entered upon its own. It was simply marvelous. Besides the amounts of time that it must of taken for the sewing, included in the piece, was also some photography and of course paint.

The plot of the painting was based on a young girl looking into a mirror and seeing herself. There was a lot told here by what Melissa had decided to show in the reflection of the girl. The girl's stomach was show in the reflection, which I felt, stood for a real meaning. I wondered if this piece was an example of some people's self-insecurities. Meaning that when the girl looked into the mirror, all she saw was her stomach. Either she really liked it or she is disappointed in her appearance of it.

All together the piece was a marvel. I think that the composition of the piece drew one into the reflection. The time and effort apparent in this work defiantly makes it hold its own near the other great works in the gallery.