The melting pot of US culture.

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Many aspects surrounding our everyday lives have various affects on our ever- changing culture. I have never been able to fully track down exactly what nationality I am. Having asked my grandparents, aunts, and uncles to answer this question, I have found it to be that none of them have been able to precisely tell me what my ethnic background is. Now that I have learned a little about cultures, I now know that I am part of the great American melting pot. Many characteristics influence my culture, including

food, music, holidays, medicine, and everyday technology.

Of the many things that influence my culture, food is probably the one that has most affect. Everyday there are many choices that I am able to make whether I would like to eat Chinese, Italian, Mexican, or any other type of cuisine that I could possibly desire. To make things even more interesting, I have access to Chicago whenever I have an opportunity to take time away to enjoy any food ranging from Mongolian to Croatian entrees.

Every single time I visit one of these unique and wonderful restaurants, I am always taking in a bit of their culture and adding it to my very own.

Music is something in my culture that has changed very frequently throughout my entire life. My grandfather is from Kentucky, so he was raised with the love of country music, which my dad also loves and has passed on to me. My mom was raised with bands like the Monkeys and the Temptations so that era of music has also been passed on to me. Presently there are so many types of music you can choose from ranging from rap to heavy metal or even country to hip-hop. The music that most influences me today that...