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Only the Heart: Feature Article


Chosen subject: __________________________ (remember must be a member of the Vietnamese community in Cabramatta and a refugee)

Pretend you are going to meet with the subject for an interview before you write the feature article.

What questions would you ask?

What would your readers (members of the Cabramatta community) find interesting or want to know about the subject?

When drafting your questions (and responses), consider:

The subject's background, in particular, their experiences as a refugee

How their background has shaped them as a person

What the subject is doing now

Your questions

Subject's likely responses (based on events from the novel)



Notes (i.e. what you will write about)


By-line (20-40 words previewing the feature article)

Introduction (1 paragraph)

Background information (3-4 paragraphs)

What the subject is doing now (1-2 paragraphs)

Conclusion (1 paragraph)


1. Please re-read your criteria sheet. What role are you adopting? Why have you been asked to write this article?

2. List 5 adjectives to sum up your subject. Have you used any/all of these in your article?

3. Which aspect of your subject are you focussing on in your article (other than the fact that they started their life in Australia as a refugee)? How do you want your readers to view your subject by the end of the article (eg do you want them to admire their courage, their indomitability)?

4. Have you indicated your particular focus in your title and lead and then developed this idea throughout your article? Summarise this focus in one sentence.

5. Have you adopted an appropriate structure? [Headline, byline, 2-3 journey to Australia paragraphs, 1-2 life in Australia paragraphs, conclusion]

6. Apart from your opening and conclusion, are your paragraphs structured so that...