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The purpose of this paper is to participate in a group project designed to provide proof from the students to the teacher, that we may not only work in a group environment, but demonstrate course information retention. The following body of work is in "Memo" form, designed to be a replica of what a "real" memo would look like drafted for business purposes.

TO: John Smith, Founder

FROM: Bob Dillon, Program Development Manager

DATE: December 5th, 2004

SUBJECT: New policies to encourage worker loyalty

The purpose of this memo is to implement new policies designed to better promote worker loyalty and retention. As you know, the company is in dire need of new programmers, and has suffered a loss last week of three of our best programmers in my department. We are already on a competitive pay scale with other firms; however I believe that with some organizational changes in benefits, we will be able to increase our employee retention. The following is a list designed by myself, and the Human Resources Manager, and will provide employees with a more open work environment, while at the same time creating a better sense of stability, and responsibility for their jobs and the work that they do.

1. First and foremost, we need an immediate decentralization within the departments. If we give the decision making power to each Manager of the department, we can better effectively address issues that may come up with an employee unexpectedly. Decentralization will also effectively give employees a better environment to share ideas, and give credit to those whose ideas we use in program design.

2. Annual bonuses based on employee performance. This allows the employee to feel responsible for their work, and the gives them the control on whether the amount of...